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Episode 10: She's In Space Now

Thu, 06/21/2012 - 02:54 -- kadono
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[Editor's Note: It took me far too long to get this uploaded. Sorry about that, it's been crazy here :( Episode 11 will be up off schedule as well, but hopefully by Episode 12 or 13 we'll be back on a normal two-week schedule.]
This episode we talk about A Song of Ice and Fire, love on Legend of Korra some more, talk a bit more about the Avengers and get into the Lord of the Rings. Then, naturally, we talk about ponies, vocaloids, and Touhou. Oh, and a Zelda/Touhou mix.

Unfortunately, the video portion mix was messed up a bit. The audio on the videos is pretty quiet, even more a reason to watch the originals down below.

If you're having trouble with the video, try the webm version at the bottom of this post. It can take a few seconds to buffer if you skip ahead. If both are troublesome, try downloading either (or both). If those don't work either let me know.

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A Song of Ice and Fire

Mommy told to burn it... by Aida20

Legend of Korra

Amonymous by Booter-Freak
Korra's Destiny! by jeftoon01

The Avengers

Numb by Elluwah

Lord of the Rings

Aragorn by Esteljf
Boromir by Esteljf


Twilight Sparkle - Bad News by mysticalpha
Rarity This Close by mysticalpha


Future Sound by AzulFlameXIII
Sweet Devil by Aka-Shiro


IA - Kisaragi Attention (如月アテンション)

Cristina Vee- "This Day Aria" Cover (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Soviet Pony March

Glixed - Cloud Chaser

東方 Touhou Dubstep 221

U.N Owen Was an Ocarina?

WebM Version of Podcast: